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Back in 1984 Hank Vann and Geoff Dutton spent twelve months crafting Great Divide in readiness for its assault on Star Maker and in January of 1985 walked away with the winner’s plaque and a national single release (Landed on My Feet and Hey Driver) through RCA.

On the back of radio play received for that single and a very active year of performances, Great Divide were nominated for two Australian Country Music Awards in 1986; Best New Talent and Best Group Or Duo, Winning the Gold Guitar for Best New Talent.

Midway through 86 Dutton and Vann shelved Great Divide which disappointed fans and the Industry but as it turned out, was advantageous for the Duo giving both musicians time to attend to individual goals.

While the Duo was off the road, Dutton and Vann kept that uniquely Great Divide sound on the air waves with a string of singles; Punslinger, Eighteen Wheelin’ Cowboy, You Put The Bite On Me and Dingo Girl.

In 1990 Great Divide, having had some moderate success on radio, was back on the live performance trail with the Release of an Independent E P; ACROSS containing these four great original songs.

The following year found Dutton and Vann back in the studio for what was going to be a  three year stint in the recording of ten new songs for their first album.

Unlevelled was a custom album released in 1994 and had instant success with its first single Out on The Street charting at #19. Two more singles  would come off the album; Yipp-Yi-Yo in December 1994 and Nothing Kinda Feeling September 95.

Unlevelled remains undated and one of my favorite Albums of all times.

1997 Saw Dutton and Vann again embark on solo careers but there’s always that possibility that another album of great Great Divide songs could be forced upon us all any time soon.


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